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Winston-Salem, NC


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February 23 - 25, 2024
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job security

61% of Millennials say that there is more job security in owning your own business than in working for someone

Providing assistance

More than 24 million Millennials, older workers, and those returning to the workforce believe the #1 reason that keeps them from starting a business is not knowing how to run one or where to go for help.

start today

41% of Americans would quit their job and start a business in the next 6 months if they had the tools and
resources they need.

zero barriers

Each of us has a fundamental right to realize an idea, create something of value, and pursue our
entrepreneurial dreams.

No events at the moment
VisionToVenture presents Techstars Startup Weekend Winston-Salem 2024!

Learn how to Think, Work, and Build like a startup in 54 thrilling hours. Techstars Startup Weekend is an exciting and immersive foray into the world of startups.

From students to lifelong entrepreneurs, this is the perfect event for individuals of all ages looking to start a new business or learn more about the process of getting a startup off the ground.

Over an action-packed three days, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors to show you how to get more done faster -- and maybe even start that Business.

Why should participants attend Techstars Startup Weekend?

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